Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Intro To PieceWise

PieceWise is the world's first platform for helping to turn your project ideas into reality. Do you want to have a greater social presence, but don’t know what steps to take? Do you want to start a new business but don’t have the contacts to make it a reality? Do you have a great idea for a new application but don’t even know what HTML and PHP are? Maybe you’re not the one with the project idea, maybe you may know exactly what steps are needed to make your social presence profitable. Maybe you have successfully started a business and can offer guidance in what’s needed to get an organization off to a smooth start. Maybe you’re the passionate coder who can help to get the application built and launched. Whatever you are, whatever you need, there's a place for you on PieceWise.

The PieceWise process is simple: Post your project on our site. Once the project is posted, there needs to be a plan in place to accomplish the project. Anyone on our site can contribute to the project plan by adding pieces to the plan. These pieces could be questions and answers (What mobile platform do you want to use? Android, iOS) or they could be pieces of the project that have to be completed in order to finish the project (such as programming a mapping feature). Because the users are creating pieces, we refer to them as PieceMakers. After an agreed amount of time (determined by the project poster), our users will organize the pieces of the project so that they flow in the correct order. They can then rank the pieces of the project based on usefulness and innovation. Finally, our users can bid on doing a piece of the project (this could be providing products or services).

When all is said and done, you have a completed project plan that you can click through. This plan gives you all the options, exactly how to accomplish your project, and the exact cost of the project, all in advance.

So where do the people who plan my project come from?
The answer to that is, all over. They could be students with ideas to change the world. They could be freelancers who are putting pieces into your project so they can bid on them. They could be a startup with a cool new product that will help you accomplish your project. They could be anyone.

Why should I take my time to plan someone else's project?
1) We pay you. During beta testing the PieceMakers (as we call anyone who creates a piece to a project) are competing to own a share of the PieceWise company. Afterwards, they'll be paid through profit sharing.
2) Recognition. Once a piece has been created, it can be reused in other projects. The original creator of the piece is always credited (with points and a name). If you have a cool idea that gets reused all the time, you have some nice bragging rights and a nice bank account to go along with it. The cool thing is, it only takes a minute to put your idea into our site. You can do it between classes.
3) Successful bids follow pieces. That is to say, if you bid on a piece and complete the project with good reviews, every time that piece is reused, your bid goes with it. You could get enough work to last a lifetime by only placing one bid.

In addition to business projects, we hope to be used to plan social movements. In the future, we'll have social bidding where you can offer to do a job or task for free or volunteer supplies simply by clicking on the item in the project plan.

Finally, we need the Senate to pass the Democratizing Access to Capital Act. You can sign a petition at If the bill passes, someday you'll be able to put your business idea on PieceWise, have our PieceMakers plan it out for you, and have other people pay for the individual pieces of the project in exchange for part of the company. The explosion in innovation this would cause WILL lead to a drastic increase in living standards worldwide which will usher in an era of world peace. I leave it to you, the PieceMakers, to make this happen.