Friday, June 29, 2012

New Tools for PieceWise

PieceWise now offers two new tools for users! The first makes it possible to edit pieces that you have created and to suggest edits for other user’s pieces. The second tool allows you to search for individual branches or pieces within a project.

To use the editing tool, select the piece that you wish to change. On the right-hand toolbar, choose the “Clipboard” option. Under the title, “PieceMaking Tools,” click the pencil icon. An edit box should appear. If you’re editing your own piece, the edit will change the piece instantly. If another user created the piece, your suggestion will be added to a list of edit suggestions. Users working on the project will then be able to vote on your proposed suggestion.

The search bar on the upper right allows you to search within projects. Type what you are searching for and a list of matching pieces will appear—the more specific your search, the fewer pieces will show. You can use this feature wherever you are in the project which allows you to conveniently navigate through the project to the information you need or simply to check if that piece has been created.

Feedback is always welcome on ways to improve the website along with additional features you believe would be convenient. Check in soon for our next blog featuring our first Prize Project!