Thursday, May 10, 2012

PieceWise Website Overhaul

After about four weeks of work, PieceWise has launched an easier to use version of its site. Projects can be searched by using the search bar on the homepage. Clicking on a search result brings you to the branch of the project that contains the information you searched for. You can view the whole project by using the up and down arrows to move around a project. This makes it easier to find information and resources using a PieceWise project than using a Google search.

For example, searching for computer screens on Google would give you options for lots of different types of computer screens. Searching for computer screens on PieceWise also gives you the options for different types of computer screens. However, on PieceWise, computer screens might be a part of the project, "Setting up an office space." If you're searching for computer screens because you want to set up an office space, then all you have to do to get the rest of the information you need (like printers, furniture, etc) is go up a level in the project. On Google you would have to perform individual searches for all the pieces of your project. Talk about saving time!

Stay tuned to our blog for information on updates as we roll them out. Coming up next? The ability to edit a piece.