Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mamma Mia, Pizza Pia!

Perhaps the best food on the planet and most popularly agreed on choice for lunch would be none other than but pizza! Even when the pizza doesn't turn out so well, it's still a mighty good meal. It's no wonder that with pizza being such a star it'd make its debut on PieceWise--and that's exactly what it's done, in style.
Instead of listing off one or two favorite pizza types, PieceWise has compiled the recipes to the top dozen most popular pizzas. Wondering what they are? Here's the list:

See your favorite pizza on the list? Bake it and let us know how the recipe is! If, by chance, your choice didn't make the cut, create a new project listing the type and what steps we need to take to taste the yummy goodness.

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