Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Organizing Your Business or Charity

We've discussed how PieceWise can be used to make simple lists, complex lists, and how you can market yourself. Today's blog post is about how you can organize your business, charity, or any other group you may have.

Say you are starting up a non-profit organization--it's more work than most people realize. You'll need a place to keep track of current fundraisers and future fundraising ideas, events, goals, achievements, and a whole array of additional information. By using PieceWise, you'll not only be able to organize all the information, but (unless you make it a private project) the information will also be open to the public. This will capture attention for your organization and explaining your goal. Hey, you could even have a section with information for donations.

By using PieceWise you can keep on top of daily tasks, market yourself or organization, and organize any task of future plans. Best of all, PieceWise is free to use and you can actually earn money by participating in any prize project currently running.

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