Friday, September 7, 2012

Ways to use PieceWise

So this is the first of several blog posts describing ways in which you can use PieceWise.

One of the most obvious and practical ways would be to make a list. This list could be as simple as a grocery list, a list of chores, or your workout routine. On the more complex end of things, you could create a list on steps to prepare for a wedding, organize a campaign, or plan a vacation.

How PieceWise would benefit you with simple lists, such as putting down your workout routine, is that you will be able to keep track what you accomplished on each day. For example, say one of your target goals is to run two miles daily. Underneath that piece in the project, you could record the actual distance you ran per day. This not only allows you to see whether you're meeting your goals, but also allows you to look back and see which days you may have skipped.

With more complex lists, such as planning a vacation, you're able to gather and view all the information needed in one centralized location. In your project, you can list what attractions you hope to see, what hotels are at the top of your list, and any transportation that you may need, such as airfare or renting a vehicle. By listing everything in one location, you have less of a risk in forgetting details, having hidden expenses, and not seeing all the attractions you had in mind.

By having projects on PieceWise, you not only benefit yourself by staying more organized, but you also help others who may be planning a similar vacation or workout routine as yourself. By already having your information submitted, this will provide others with ideas that they may not have considered in addition to allowing them to add their own ideas for a more complete list for future viewers.

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